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Cookies Management: Comply with the regulations with Eulerian Pivacy Manager


Paris – December, 24 2014 – As part of the personal data of the internet users, the current regulations requires specific rules regarding cookies.


Each web site has to provide information to the visitors and obtain their consent prior to install and use cookies. Indeed, the visitor should be given the possibility of setting up or blocking any cookies, besides the cookies necessary for the efficiency of the web site.




Category : Technology

The challenges of RTB


Paris – December, 23 2014 – Nowadays, the competition of the e-commerce sector as well as the changing of online buying behavior, regards as the shortening of the purchase cycle, require a real-time interaction between brands and their audition.


As part of the market evolution, RTB is a brand new purchasing method that becomes more attractive for brands which can focus on predefined targets profiles, thereby they progressively give up the classical ad space purchase, based on contextualization.




Category : Technology