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Eulerian Tag Master


Eulerian Tag Master is a tool for managing tags, allowing you to control your inbound marketing partners in real-time and in a few clicks.


With 200+ pre-built tags, this tag container allows you to test new partners at any time and without risk.


You no longer depend on the IT department for enabling, disabling, and configuring third-party tags, you keep control of managing your partners. No more repetitive and time-consuming tasks, your resources are focused on marketing strategy.



Universal Tag

A single asynchronous tag is placed in the source code of your site, it encapsulates all your third-party tags.



Easy monitoring

Simple, intuitive and instant management

of all your partner tags through

a single interface.




Your partners have access to customized

dashboards showing the number of fires

for each of their tags in real time.




No more need for the technical team to get involved. Marketing teams are free to edit tags on the site.






The benefits

Save time
With 200+ pre-built tags, you can implement your new partners in a few clicks.
The source code is reduced. The loading of your pages are optimized and meets the best SEO practises.
You can add, edit or remove tags at any moment in real-time.
You can see all tag calls issued on your site in one report.

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