Acquisition Platform


Optimize your
digital marketing campaigns.

Acquisition Platform

By activating your data with your media partners.

Collect your user interactions.

Take advantage of our technology to collect data on all devices. Collect user interactions at every stage of their marketing journey – from initial ad touches to site navigation paths to conversion.

Collecte Interaction

Identify each user interaction.

Create a unique graphic of each user with your brand. Combine online and offline environments for a unified view of your prospects and customers.

Create the audience of your choice.

Access a powerful segmentation engine to create audiences with the data you want. Take advantage of them and integrate them into your marketing campaigns.

Outils de Campagnes

Leverage your data in your campaign tools.

Run more powerful marketing campaigns. We offer over 200 integrated connectors with marketing partners & platforms: DSP, Trading Desk, Adserver, CDP, AB test,… !


Orchestrate your activation. Create sequences. Define triggers and actions, save time in your activation process.

Challenge your
media partners.

Share the same audience with all your media partners. Create an audience control, invisible to them, and find the best option!