Collect And Connect


Unify your data and make it available
for your business intelligence activities.

Collect And Connect

Collect user interactions.

Take advantage of our data collection technology. Collect all online interactions with your brand on any device, including advertising campaigns, clickstreams and conversions.

Collectez les interactions utilisateurs
Préparez la donnée

Solve the identity problem.

Create a user graph to track every interaction with your brand. Get a unified view of your prospects and customers by reconciling online and offline environments.

Prepare the data.

Clean up your data for optimal use by your Business Intelligence teams. Clean up imperfections related to insufficient data collection, remove duplicates and fill in missing information.

Model and connect your data to your tools.

Apply calculations to adapt your data to your Business Intelligence use cases. Create data marts to make normalized data available in Tableau or Data Studio. Choose between our API, JDBC or ODBC formats for your imports.

your dataset.

Streaming your entire dataset in real time to the data lake and data warehouse of your choice: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Snowflake… Make your internal projects and reports more efficient.