Data technologies:
drive your marketing strategy with data

Our premium collection

According to a recent study by Eulerian, our 1st-Party collection sees our customers collect an average of 30% more data than others, all in the strictest compliance with the user data protection rules. Media and device journeys, navigation, CRM, 1st, 2nd and 3rd-party data… Never before have you had so much information about your clients and prospects at your fingertips.


No blocking of data collection thanks to our 1st-party domain delegation

Exhaustive data collection allowing for more efficient targeting and more precise analysis

100% compliance with GDPR and IAB

Data technologies

Data Management Platform

Send just the right message at each stage of the Customer Journey thanks to our 300 connectors. Personalize relationships on whatever channel or media partner you want: DSP, Trading Desk, Affiliation, Search, Adserver, AB testing, CRM/push notifications


Freely activate your data with almost 300 connectors at your fingertips

Unification du parcours clients

Reunify each and every customer journey: mobile, app, website, call center, store

Identify each interaction to gain an optimized overview of your customer journeys

Data technologies

In-house, Data Science... make it happen!

Take advantage of our premium collection and our connectors to your Data Lakes & data warehouses to feed your in-house projects and data science activities through constant relaying of reunified journeys.

Tag Management System (TMS)

Manage your media tags and your tracking thanks to our TMS. Improved efficiency with more autonomy from your tag management providers.

Eulerian boasts 300 partner tags.


Become more efficient by centralizing your tag management in a SaaS solution

Marketing People

Let everyone in your organization get the best out of your data and feed your Data Science and IA