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Professional Service

To develop a sustainable and responsible media strategy. Estimate the impact of your advertising device today!

Collect data responsibly.

We help you deploy a media, website and CRM data collection effort while respecting the privacy of users and the legal framework.

Collectez des données

Tailored advertising campaigns.

Make your advertising devices less intrusive and more user-friendly. We help you create consumer-friendly marketing triggers. We calculate thresholds on each discriminating variable to trigger inclusion or exclusion actions on the fly, and we tailor the device and marketing channel in real time based on the most cost-effective business model to achieve your goals.

Media productivity
through test and learn.

Launch your campaigns by adapting the control and management KPIs . We create control groups(AB testing) to challenge media partners on identical audiences and measure the marginal gain of each.

Identify the contribution of advertising devices on the evolution of user engagement. We then analyze the impact of each touch on the changes of the website path and the evolution of the users’ CRM segmentations.

Empathie consommateurs

Empathy with your consumers.

We are convinced of the role of brands in changing consumer behavior. We wish to participate in the new circular economy schemes by adapting and proposing responsible statements in response to growing consumer demand.