Optimize your digital marketing campaigns.

Use your audiences in your day by day or strategic analysis. Activate your data with your partners to make your campaigns more dynamic.

Create unlimited audiences.

Access a powerful segmentation engine to create audiences/cohorts with the data of your choice. Take advantage of this data and integrate it into your marketing campaigns.

Enter people-based marketing.

Filter your attribution by customer type and create user-centric attribution to carry out innovative marketing strategies.

Challenge your marketing strategy.

Become familiar with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) models. Maximize value for the entire customer journey. Manage multi-objectives and channel weighting to gain new insights into your media mix.

Leverage your data in your campaign tools.

Create more powerful marketing campaigns thanks to over 200 connectors integrated with partners & marketing platforms: DSP, Trading Desk, Adserver, CDP, AB testing, and more!
Send your attributed conversions to multimedia platforms in real time. Let them improve campaign profitability along the way with your insights!

Discover our Activation features.