Adapt your Facebook campaigns to a cookieless context

Context :

Advertising on social networks and especially on Facebook is an essential acquisition lever for advertisers. Historically, the installation of javascript tags on a website makes the data collection possible.

Third party “cookies” track the user’s journey and are automatically triggered while visiting a website. They allow the identification and the track of users in order to better target the advertising offered to them.

In order to protect consumer privacy, browsers have announced the deletion of third party cookies by 2022. These measures will impact direclty the world of online advertising and make the use of javascript tags progressively obsolete.

The Facebook CONVERSIONS API connector responds to this data collection concern in a cookieless context.

Why using the S2S Facebook CONVERSIONS API ?

1. Continue to personalize your Facebook campaigns in a cookieless context.

Thanks to the Server to Server connector, advertisers data is sent to Facebook without depending on browsers.

The Facebook CONVERSIONS API will allow advertisers to retrieve all data without being impacted by the reduction of third party cookies, and to be prepared for future changes.

2. Take advantage of the comprehensive Eulerian 1st party collection:

Advertiser provide more data to Facebook thanks to the Eulerian 1st party data collection.

Advertisers can send the browsing & conversion data to Facebook and fine tune the information they want to share.

3. GDPR Compliant


How does it work ?

Are you already a Eulerian customer? Easily set up our S2S Facebook CONVERSIONS API connector in the activation section of the platform.

Facebook and Cookieless