Technologie & data: your marketing strategy reaches a milestone

Optimize your marketing actions on the Customer Journey from end to end with our CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM

What’s his story of the brand and how can one address it?

Know Paul’s story

The Customer Journey is becoming more complex, and Paul’s journey is a good example. At home, Paul browses on his laptop. He sees several Display campaigns and ends up clicking on one. He lands on a website, and he checks several offers. He subscribes to the Newsletter – it costs nothing after all – and gives himself some time to think… But he’s interested!

The next day at the office, he downloads the app and checks other offers. He likes to compare.

During the week, at his office, he likes a promotional offer from the weekly Newsletter, he clicks and buys a product. The stuff on this site seems made for him! He will pass by the store in a few days to complete his purchase.

With our collection technology, unify the Customer Journey and build thousands of stories like Paul’s!

Unify the Customer Journey

The advantages of our collection technology

Online media

Identify every interaction, click or impression in any of your current online campaigns.

Offline media

Identify every interaction with other publishers (press of TV campaigns).

On-site path

Identify every session & conversion on all your devices, and link these with your media paths.

Where is Paul in his story with your brand?

The Customer Journey – the path between Paul’s first interaction and his conversion – is getting longer. Paul takes his time to make a decision. He discovers the brand, considers his options and, finally, decides what he wants. At each stage, Paul seeks precise information to advance in his journey.

But do you know at what stage he is? Take advantage of a unified Customer Journey to know exactly where each user is in their story with your brand.

Segment the Customer Journey

The advantages of segmentation

Associate a user to a segment with each interaction.

Exclusion of the user from an existing segment when he’s profile evolves.

Possibility to create audiences in real time by grouping segments.

Address the right story to Paul at the right time

Paul is living a precise moment of his story with your brand, and so he expects you to help him move forward. By informing your campaign partners of Paul’s position in the Customer Journey, you give them the tools to send the right message on your media or on-site campaigns and inspire Paul to continue building his story with your brand. Activate your audiences, take advantage of your data and seek more growth & ROI.

Customize the relationship at each step of the Customer Journey

The advantages of our activation solution

Customize the relationship on any channel and with any media partner: DSP, Trading Desk, Affiliation, Search, Adserver.

Extend the experience and customize your site by activating your AB Testing partners.

Customize the relationship continuously by feeding your CRM/push notifications partners.

Who tells Paul the most convincing story?

Several partners have the mission to help Paul move forward at different stages of the Customer Journey. Who convinced Paul in the discovery phaseso he would visit the website for the first time? Who persuaded him during the consideration phaseto come back and consult the offers? Who talked to him into buying or buying a second time?

Analyze the performance of your partners and keep the most convincing ones at each step of the Customer Journey.

Value partners who help your customers the most throughout the Customer Journey

The advantages of our attribution solution

360 vision of performance in real time: by audiences, products, cross-device, omnicanal par audiences, produits, cross-device, omnicanal.

Customize your attribution model: single touch attribution or multi-touch attribution.

Fine analysis granularity: channels, partners, campaigns, banners, and keywords.