Augmented Media Analytics

Augmented Media Analytics

Increase your
decision-making and action potential.

Augmented Media Analytics

With next-generation Analytics, letting AI guide you in optimizing your media mix.


by AI


Autogenerated analyses


Centralized steering and vision


Sharing & collaboration


your next best action.

Our “next best action” technology continuously scans your media mix and the quality of your collected data to recommend the best actions to take in order to optimize your marketing campaigns.

A platform at the service of its user,
not the reverse.

Check your daily “to-do list” of actions!  Take advantage of the analyses performed by our technology to take the most beneficial actions for your media mix. Become proactive in solving problems that could affect your marketing performance and make the best decisions to open up new business perspectives.

Une plateforme  au service de son utilisateur

Take advantage of
auto-generated analyses.

Getting your data to speak no longer requires a data expert! Take advantage of analyses that are automatically available to you to understand the trends in your media mix and help you make the right choices.

Limitez les erreurs grâce à la narration

Limit errors
through narration.

Don’t leave any room for misinterpretation of analyses; your analyses are accompanied by explanations to highlight the lessons that make the difference!