Analytics Media Evolutive

Media Analytics

Take advantage of a unique platform
to tackle your first media performance analysis challenges.

Analytics Media Evolutive

Then gradually evolve towards a fine optimization of your marketing budgets.

Media Control

React quickly by monitoring the profitability of your digital campaigns in real time and on a daily basis. Get an overview of the performance of all your marketing channels. Target your actions with top-down analysis and standard attribution models.


Don’t wait any longer to adjust your campaigns

Be responsive! Benefit from real time reporting. Track your ROI live.

Synthèse globale

Save time through automation

Are you wasting time collecting your expenses on different media platforms? Synchronize them easily with our built-in connectors.


Apply standard attribution rules

Use standard attribution rules for real-time analysis. Apply standard “single touch” (last click, first click,…) and “multi-touch” (Linear, U-shaped,…) attribution views.

Attribution Standard

Get a 360 degree view

All your conversions at a glance! Link your digital campaigns to conversions on your website, your mobile applications or your in-store conversions!

Vue 360

Make clear decisions

Benefit from extremely fine “top-down”  analyses. Identify the performance of each click and impression at the finest level: channel, media partner, campaign, banner or keyword.

Prenez vos propre decisions

Customer Journey

Go beyond the day-to-day monitoring of marketing performance by analyzing your user journeys. Gain insights into your online media journeys and qualify the role of your marketing channels. 


Discover your media paths

Understand your users’ behavior and see the most frequent paths. Discover the details of your conversion paths: number of touches, duration and sequence of channels in the marketing tunnel.

Chemin media

Save time

Take advantage of pre-built dashboards to quickly access performance information on all your customer journeys!


Profile of your marketing channels

Study the role of your marketing channels. Identify if they are creating strategic engagement on the conversion path, find out if they are doing it alone or depending on other channels. Find out if you should give more credit to certain channels in your daily attribution.

Apply multi-dimensional analysis

Filter your media paths by the dimensions of your choice such as: CRM criteria, products or devices. Also analyze the online paths that convert to store sales. Adapt your knowledge to the data relevant to your business.

Analyses multi-dimensionnelles

Advanced Analytics

Refine your marketing optimization by integrating advanced analytics with your Media Control & Customer Journey solutions. Take off by customizing your single-touch and multi-touch attribution models. Use your audiences in your daily or strategic analysis. Use activation to boost your marketing campaigns.


Attribute your campaigns with precision

Improve your attribution models and leave last click and first click behind. Add scenarios to your models to more accurately value the best performing marketing channels in real time.


Enter people based marketing

Start by filtering your allocation by customer type. Create audiences and cohorts and create individual-centric attribution to drive innovative marketing strategies.

People Base Marketing

Automate your marketing strategy

Optimize your strategic digital campaigns. Send your attributed conversions to multimedia platforms in real time. Let them improve the profitability of the campaigns along the way by learning from you!


Challenge your marketing strategy

Familiarize yourself with the MTA (Multi-Touch Attribution) models. Value the entire customer journey. Manage multi-objectives and channel weighting to gain new insights into your media mix.

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