With Eulerian technologies, unleash the power of your data.


To optimize simply your media mix and give new perspectives to your business!



Our premium data collection technology allows you to identify all of an individual’s interactions with your marketing campaigns and reconcile the buying journey. Maximize user recognition through 1st party data collection while respecting user privacy and regulations.

Next Best Action.

Turn your data into action with our “Next Best Action” technology. The solution continuously scans your media mix and the quality of the data collected to guide you in your decisions. Quickly and easily choose the most relevant actions to take to optimize your media mix.

Best next action

Real time.

Our 100% real time technology allows you to be as close as possible to your business. Don’t waste a minute as you react to the changing performance of your online campaigns and optimize your marketing channels.

Temps réel
Modèles d'attribution

Attribution models.

Our technology makes all your data available to build custom attribution models. Finally, value the media partners who play a strategic role in the buying process. Easily access the rules that define your custom templates so you can interpret the attribution of each conversion.

Audience driver.

Our segmentation technology allows you to create the audiences of your choice for reuse in analysis. Create audiences that populate immediately and feed in real time.