A unique attribution marketing suite

Attribution Suite

Structure your
operational attribution

Control your daily performance

Centralize your daily marketing performance monitoring in a unique, trustworthy third-party tool and master your campaigns with real-time actions using accessible KPIs and attribution models. Improve your performance thanks to fine-tuned top-down analysis. Re-evaluate the impact of your media budgets with our 360º analysis: online, in-app, offline conversions.

Improve your ROI

Pinpoint and redirect wasted budgets, launch AB tests on your media campaigns and see if your ROI improves.

Mix Média

Save time by centralizing analysis of all your campaigns in one tool

Campagne Branding

Save money through deduplication. Attribute each conversion only once

Attribution Suite

Develop your
strategic attribution

Discover your Customer Journey

Understand the complexity of your customer journeys. Identify if your attribution and/or allocation of budgets should evolve in order to better assess the channels that truly create value.

Qualify the role of your channels

Discover the role of each of your channels in the journey towards conversion. Assess their importance to get valuable insights that will allow you to effectively redesign your budgets.

Levier Revalorisation

Improve performance through adjustments to your operational attribution and revaluation of those channels that perform best

Le bon Levier

Ensure you’re backing the right channels and basing your strategic decisions regarding budget reallocation on empirical insights

Multi-touch Attribution

Lay the groundwork for evolving your attribution on the Customer Journey thanks to multi-touch models

Attribution Suite

Why limit your attribution?

Integrate customized single-touch and multi-touch models into your marketing strategy and move towards a tailored data-driven model. Put people back at the center of your strategic challenges, integrating your audiences in your analyses.

Levier d'engagement

Progressively optimize ROI by assessing the true contribution of your channels

Personnaliser vues attributions

Achieve coherency between your media plan and your analysis by integrating audiences

Analyse Personnalisée

Automate your marketing activities through attribution

Tiphaine Cheve
"Attribution has become one of our most important challenges at Banque Casino. Our acquisition channels are diversifying and the need to have a global view of all our channels on a single platform, such as that of Eulerian, has become an indispensable factor in achieving optimal management of our acquisition strategy."
Tiphaine CHEVE - Traffic Manager