DMP & PROGRAMMATIC PLATFORM: How does Photobox reach its audiences?

Data activation for media customization purposes:   As the European leader of personalized photo products, offering their clients more than 600 references – albums, calendars, printing -, Photobox puts its data at the center of their marketing strategy in order to achieve the following goals:   – Make use of all the interaction between a user and a brand for media purposes.Use of 2nd-party data to feed their marketing campaigns with information coming from a website on maternity and early childhood. Campaign contextualization and customization. Improvement and enhancement of the knowledge on their clients.   The partnership between Eulerian Technologies and Tradelab started as an answer to Photobox’s need for a 100% data-driven strategy.   To discover how Eulerian’s DMP and Tradelab’s programmatic platform helped Photobox to achieve its objectives, click here.