New synergies with google tools

Discover the several synergies we have implemented below:  
    • Integrate your data with BigQuery. Duplicate your data flow in real time to feed your BI systems and unblock all performance indicators and estimated analyses.
    • Share your user segments to adapt your Double Click Manager and Google Adwords RLSA campaigns. Guide your retargeting strategy in real time or by sending a cold database.
    • Synchronize the structure of your accounts and share your budget for DoubleClick for Advertisers and DobleClick Bid Manager campaigns. Your budget analyses get simplified in your Eulerian Data Decision Platform (DDP).
    • Synchronize your DoubleClick Search conversions in order to optimize your performance.
    • Share a deduplication file according to your view in your Eulerian DDP and use the data to optimize your bidding in Google Adwords.
    • The tag Eulerian will be integrated as a native tag in the Google Tag Manager.