Acquisition & Loyalty Manager

“My role is to generate qualified traffic to the site and leads via all the marketing channels I manage.”

How does our Augmented Analytics platform support you day by day?

Adopt an effective omnichannel strategy.

View your online, offline, and cross-device conversions in a single view. Measure the ROI of your campaigns easily through automatic budget synchronization and continuously optimize your performance.

Unlock new opportunities.

Visualize your customer journeys in detail and gain insight into your consumer behavior.
Adapt your media strategy to boost your acquisition.

Discover the real contribution of your channels.

Take advantage of detailed reports to clearly define the role of each of your marketing channels.
Clearly identify your driving channels, winning combos to convert, or the best performing channels per product.

Drive your online conversions.

Create audience segments based on the criteria of your choice.
Activate them with your media partners to increase profitability of your campaigns.