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Simplify and accelerate decision making to increase marketing performance tenfold!

Since 2006, Eulerian has been publishing software dedicated to the measurement of marketing performance. Our technology suite enables advertisers to optimize and monetize their digital actions by combining comprehensive data collection, advanced dashboards and real-time signal exchange.

Eulerian guarantees that marketing teams invest budgets in the right place and have a 3-way understanding of their campaigns’ performance!

The team.

Guillaume Fougnies

During his time in engineering school, Guillaume went on many freelance jobs and took up positions in different companies. In computer labs, he meets Mathieu Jondet. Guillaume will work for a few years on the design of the anonymous real-time system of behavioral profiling ProfileForYou, as CTO. In 2002, accompanied by Mathieu, he founded Eulerian to solve a problem of analysis and real-time monitoring of marketing performance and attribution. After three years of R&D, Eulerian Analytics is launched. He has continued to develop and improve it ever since. Guillaume is the President of Eulerian and still retains his position as CTO.

Guillaume Fourgnies
Mathieu Jondet

Mathieu Jondet

Co-founder and CPO of Eulerian, Mathieu has been at the heart of innovation and product development for over 20 years. A computer engineer by training, he quickly specialized in the development of web technologies related to data. Member of the IAB France board of directors and expert in the Ad and MarTech ecosystems, he has a very good overview of the digital marketing market, its challenges and its forces. He knows how to decipher, analyze and anticipate market developments in order to offer clear and accessible keys to understanding them.

Akim Bellour

After a career in the software industry, Akim joined Eulerian in 2009 as an Associate Director and Head of Commercial Affairs. An expert in customer relations and data solutions sales, he quickly became the executive director of the Canadian subsidiary as well as the group’s global CRO. The digital sector holds no secrets for him.

Akim Bellour

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Eulerian is above all a large family with real human values of sharing and conviviality. Eulerian is also about transparency, collaboration and excellence. We give the best of ourselves to satisfy our customers, and all this as a team!

With offices in Paris, Montreal, Madrid or Milan, if you dream of expatriation, we can also discuss it!

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