data protection charter

Eulerian is a world leader in real-time analysis and optimization of e-marketing operations. Built on the foundations of a comprehensive data collection system, Eulerian offers a marketing suite that combines marketing attribution and data management solutions.

Eulerian’ experts accompany advertisers and agencies in the process of maximizing the potential of technology solutions and accelerating the performance of their marketing campaigns while improving their ROI.


Eulerian is a leading developer of Web Analytics solutions to produce statistical reports measuring the performance of marketing campaigns. As such, it has a very high regard for privacy and data protection. This charter describes the measures we put in place and which we are committed to in order to protect the information collected on our behalf through our own website and data collected on behalf of our clients through the websites of the clients who use our software solutions.


1. Data provided when completing forms on our website

When you visit our website you can provide us with personal data when completing a form under the heading “contact”, in particular. Each form specifies the purposes for collecting this data, the type of data collected and the compulsory or optional character of this data for processing your request. Your data is used only by Eulerian and its subsidiaries, as necessary, to process your request. You are informed that, when it is strictly necessary, your data may be transferred to Canada, to a subsidiary of Eulerian. This transfer is subject to an agreement in order to provide adequate safeguards. Your data is stored on our own servers located in France (unless transferred to Canada) in accordance with the confidentiality and security rules and measures implemented by Eulerian. Data are not shared with third parties unless we have your permission or we are required to do so by law, by a court or by a state authority. We do not store your information for any longer than follows:

  • 3 years with effect from your last interaction, concerning requests involving our products
  • 2 years with effect from the final date of looking at your candidature for recruitment purposes

2. Data collected via cookies

Our website uses different types of cookies on your computer: first-party cookies (that is, cookies containing the domain name “eulerian”) and third-party cookies (these are cookies required for optimal site operation ( et and cookies to share content with social networks (

When visiting our website for the first time and/or after your consent to our cookies has expired, a banner will inform you that cookies are used and you will be invited to accept or configure settings to save or use the cookies, globally or for each category of cookies. Cookies will only be saved after you have accepted them or if you continue to navigate on our website.

The eulerian cookies combine navigation data, in particular the following: the browser used, the pathway to our site, pages viewed, actions taken, time spent on the site and frequency of return. These navigation data contain no information that could be used to identify, either directly or indirectly, an individual. Our Eulerian cookies also allow us to collect pseudonymized data using, which are (i) the IP address, shortened to the last few bytes, which are collected solely for the purposes of identifying the geographical location of the web user, such geographical location being no more specific than the town/city of connection, (ii) an identifier attributed to the device used to connect to our website.

These eulerian cookies are used for the following purposes :

  • To improve the performance of our services: cookies help us analyze traffic on our site and make statistical reports to improve efficiency.
  • To customize your navigation: cookies store information about your browsing preferences to optimize your visit, including the choice of language and the country of origin. This data does not contain information that could directly or indirectly identify an individual, with the exception of the IP address which is collected for the single geographic location of the user, the geographic location is no more accurate than the city of connection.

You can amend your eulerian cookie settings at any time or refuse them by clinking on the following link.

3. Your rights

In accordance with applicable legislation you have the right to access, modify, object to, erase or ask for the portability of your personal data, to obtain a restriction of the processing or to give instructions as to the conservation, deletion, storage and communication of your personal data after your death. To exercise these rights, please send your request by email to the Eulerian’ data protection officer at the following address : or in writing to : 162, boulevard Magenta – 75 010 Paris. All requests must be accompanied by a valid identity document.


Eulerian Software Solutions

Eulerian is a leading provider of software solutions for the collection, synchronization and/or analysis of navigation data and personal data to create statistical charts for marketing performance. Please refer to the exhibit listing the websites on which our clients use our software solutions.

Our clients use our software solutions to better understand the behavior and expectations of web users in order to improve interaction on their sites and improve the quality of the content and services that they offer.

Cookies used

When used by our clients, our software solutions rely on a first-party client cookie (a cookie under the client’s domain name) to collect information about your browsing on client sites, including the following information: the device used (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.), the browser used, interaction with advertising elements, the time spent on the site or actions taken, including pages visited, products viewed, registration for a service, the creation of a basket or submission of a registration form.

Data collected via clients’ cookies and transferred to Eulerian. This collect is used to establish statistical reports on use of our clients’ services to customize the display of certain pages on their website(s), or to distribute targeted advertising materials.

Data collected through these client cookies contain the aforementioned navigation data and pseudonymized data that is (i) the IP address, shortened to the last few bytes, which is collected solely for the purposes of geographically locating the web user, the geographical location being no more specific than the city or town of connection, and (ii) a unique identifier attributed to the device used to connect to the client website(s).

In some cases, our clients share the CRM identifiers of their visitors so that we can reconcile, on behalf of our clients, the data generated by a single web user on different devices, for the purpose of establishing his or her cross-device navigational behavior.

Finally, Eulerian’ solutions are by no means e-mail routers and do not send newsletters or e-mailings to internet subscribers of its clients. If cookies from Eulerian can be implemented on computers of users of these items, they remain the sole responsibility of our clients.

Data collected by our clients’ partners

Eulerian may also receive data (including personal data) collected by our clients’ partners and synchronized, at the request of our clients, with our clients’ data for the purposes of analyzing and drawing up statistical reports.

Eulerian acts as a data processor, on the instructions of its clients. Our software solutions incorporate a technical connector, made available to the client, enabling the information collected by the clients’ partner to be sent to Eulerian. This partner data is stored and synchronized with the client’s data and analyzed using Eulerian software solutions to draw up statistical reports on behalf of and to be sent to the client.

Web user information

As data processor, we are contractually bound to our clients and we ask them to commit to inform the users of their website(s) and/or the users of their partner’s site(s) that processing is carried out on their behalf using Eulerian software solutions.

Data ownership

The data collected and processed via our software solutions remain the property of our clients, which are data controllers, at all times. Eulerian acts only as a data processor for its clients according to the instructions of its clients.

You are informed that the processing of data for our clients is in no event pooled and/or consolidated with the other clients of Eulerian, nor is it used on behalf of Eulerian.

With the consent of our clients we reserve the right to publish aggregated data concerning all of the sites using Eulerian solutions. This aggregated data forms part of global statistics used to promote our solutions but does not contain any personal data or business information.

Your rights

Your right to access, modify, object to and delete data collected on behalf of our clients or to restrict the processing thereof should therefore be exercised directly by contacting our clients using the contact details on their website(s). The contract that binds us to our clients contains an undertaking that the clients will supply the users of their website(s) with suitable means of exercising these rights.

Transparency & Consent Framework Agreement

Eulerian is a Vendor under the Transparency & Consent Framework Agreement. All the details and commitments Here


If you would like more information about the data protection charter of Eulerian, contact our data protection officer by email:


We reserve the right to amend the content of our data protection charter, in particular with regard to adapting to the changes of our products and services and legislative developments. We invite you to view the document in force at the time you connect to our services.

Appendix: list of sites on wich our clients use our software solutions


Specifics regarding Google API Services

Eulerian Marketing Platform integrates with multiple Google API to access advertisers data.

“Eulerian Marketing Platform – Read-only Reporting” use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

The data retrieved by the “Eulerian Marketing Platform – Read-only Reporting” will connect to the Google Ads – Display & Video 360 API.

This will allow you to retrieve the following data from the API :

  • metrics linked to your account, including cost, clicks & impressions
  • name of the campaigns, insertion orders, line item, creative

The application cannot modify data in your Google Ads – Display & Video 360 API and will only be used for your own benefit through your credentials. You remain sole owner of the data retrieved through the API.