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Introducing the Marketing Platform, an all-in-one solution featuring 4 modules: attribution, web & app analytics and activation. 

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Time to make your own decisions.

We know you need to make informed decisions. Marketing Platform provides you with the trusted third-party solution you need to independently measure your audience and the customer journeys on your website and apps. Bet on the best media partners for your campaigns!

Daily control of your marketing campaigns.

Check in real time the daily ROI of your marketing actions thanks to a unique platform. Get a full view of the performances of your website, your apps and all your marketing channels, over the rolling last 3 months.

Eulerian IO

Move on with your marketing strategy.

Take time to step back and understand your Customer Journey. Figure out how to improve your mix media and have more impact on your business.

Solve your identity issue.

We make the link between all your media campaigns, users browsing and conversions on your website.

This is for real, you get these features.


Control report

A unique dashboard to monitor the performance of your campaigns over the last 30 days

Customer journey

Customer journey

10 reports to discover your media paths and profile channels


Attribution models

6 single-touch and 5 multi-touch standard attribution models


No sampling

Collect all your clicks, impressions and conversions

"With a simple three steps setup carried out in under a week and easy to use reports, Eulerian IO stands out as the european and free alternative to Google analytics."
Côme Filippi
Co-founder at

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Media paths, duration, N° of touches, presence, engagement, exclusivity, velocity.

Unlimited duration of use. Analysis period limited to the rolling last 3 months. This period of time can be extended by upgrading to a paid version.

We use a 1st party data collection. You’ll use a Javascript tag on your website or can directly integrate our tags into your TMS. Regarding marketing campaigns, we use URLs tracking.

Very granular! Until the banner on display campaigns or the keyword for Search.

Absolutely, you just have to collect consent with your consent management platform.

Yes, you can track campaigns across all your marketing channels.

Standard single touch models are included : Last click, last paid channel , first clic, first paid channel and One for Each.

You have to setup the solution on your side.  We provide you with a guide and video to help you in your installation.