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RealTime reports of marketing performance Monitor your marketing performance day to day with more than 100 KPIs1AllAll
Single Touch Modeling Compare attribution views and choose the best modelStandardStandardStandard + Customize
Multi Touch modeling Switch to multi-touch attribution and remunerate your partners according to their contribution StandardStandardStandard + Customize
Data driven model (Markov/Shapley) Adopt algorithmic attribution to better understand the contribution of each lever-ShapleyShapley & Markov
Predictive investments Get budget recommandations to optimize your media expenses--
Insights (AI) Get alerts for fraud or setup issues, discover the next best action to take on your media mix
Report center Build custom reports according to your needs--
Customer Journey Reports Discover customer journeys and qualify the role of each lever with filtrable reportsAllAllAll
Product Analytics Find out the most effective levers by product--
ROPO reports Measure the impact of your online campaigns on your offline conversions--
RealTime Datamarts Export your detailed data to spreadsheets at any time-
Audience engine Create customized audiences--
People Based attribution Integrate your audience segments into your attribution model--
Media budgets synchronizationGoogle Ads, Facebook Ads & Bings AdsAll connectorsAll connectors
Media ecosystem activation Send your data to your media partners & BI tool--Optional (volume activation)
Analytics partners activation Share you audience to your CDP/DSP--Optional (volume activation)
Event based Datawarehouse Query your data unlimitedly--Optional (volume activation)
Clicks & views tracking1 st party1 st party1 st party
Period of data analysis30 sliding daysUnlimitedUnlimited
CRM & 3rd party synchronization (TV, Identity)--
PrivacyGDPR compliant / TCF V2 / IAB Compliant / Cnil exemptionGDPR compliant / TCF V2 / IAB Compliant / Cnil exemptionGDPR compliant / TCF V2 / IAB Compliant / Cnil exemption
User access1Multi – 2Multi – 5
Website tracking / Datalayer12+5+
Type of supportHelp center, wiki, email supportAccount managerAccount manager