Eulerian Technologies is a leading developer of Web Analytics solutions. As such, it has a very high regard for privacy and data protection. This charter describes the measures we put in place and which we are committed to in order to protect the information collected through our own website and through the websites of the clients who use our software solutions.


Data provided when registering for our services When you visit our website you can provide us with personal data (name and email address), as well as other information under the heading “contact”. If we do not have clear information on this form, we cannot process your request. We collect and use the data solely for the purpose of communicating with you, responding to your requests and sending you information about our products. Your data is sent to Eulerian Technologies and stored on our servers. It is not shared with third parties unless we have your permission or we are required to do so by law, by a court or by a state authority. We do not store your information beyond what is necessary to achieve the objectives described above. Data collected via cookies Our website uses cookies on your computer by collecting information, including the following: the browser used, the pathway to our site, pages viewed, actions taken, time spent on the site and frequency of return. These cookies are used for the following purposes:
  • to improve the performance of our services: cookies help us analyze traffic on our site and make statistical reports to improve efficiency.
  • to customize your navigation: cookies store information about your browsing preferences to optimize your visit, including the choice of language and the country of origin. This data does not contain information that could directly or indirectly identify an individual, with the exception of the IP address which is collected for the single geographic location of the user, the geographic location is no more accurate than the city of connection.
Right to access, modify and delete personal data In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, correct and delete data about yourself. To exercise this right, please send your request by email to the following address:


Eulerian Technologies Software Solutions Eulerian Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions that enable the various parties of the internet to better understand the behavior and expectations of users to improve the interactivity of their sites and increase the quality of the content and services offered. Cookies used When used by our customers, our software solutions use cookies to collect information about your browsing on customer sites, including the following information: the device used (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.), the browser used, interaction with advertising elements, the time spent on the site or actions taken, including pages visited, products viewed, registration for a service, the creation of a basket or submission of a registration form. This collection is used to establish statistical reports on use of our clients’ services to customize the display of certain pages on their website(s), or to distribute targeted advertising materials. In some cases, our clients share with us the CRM-ID of their visitors in order to permit us to merge the data generated by a single user on different devices, for the purpose of identifying his or her cross-device navigational behavior. The data collected through our cookies does not contain any information that could directly or indirectly identify an individual. The IP address is collected solely for the purpose of locating the user, the geographic location is not more accurate than the city of connection. In addition, the data stored in the cookies is encrypted and only Eulerian Technologies is able to decrypt them. Therefore, if they are lost or stolen, the data cannot be reused. Finally, Eulerian Technologies’ solutions are by no means routers of e-mail and do not send newsletters or e-mailings to internet subscribers of its clients. If cookies from Eulerian Technologies can be deposited on computers of users of these items, they remain the sole responsibility of our clients. Data ownership The data collected via our software solutions remain the property of our clients and controllers at all times. Eulerian Technologies acts only as a subcontractor for its clients. Your right to access, modify and delete data should therefore be exercised directly with our clients using the contact details on their website(s). We have a contractual relationship with our clients and we require them to inform users of their website(s) of the existence of the processing performed via the software solutions of Eulerian Technologies. We inform you that the collected data is under no circumstances pooled and/or consolidated between the various clients of Eulerian Technologies. With the approval of our customers, we reserve the right to publish aggregated data related to all sites using Eulerian Technologies solutions. This aggregated data forms part of general statistics which allow us to promote our solutions but do not in any way constitute personal data or business information.


If you wish to deny cookie settings from Eulerian Technologies’ software solutions:
  • (1) go to the website of the Eulerian Technologies’ client concerned and, using a dedicated personal data and cookies page, request that your computer be registered for an “opt-out” file type that will allow our client to recognize you and not use any other Eulerian Technologies cookies with respect to you on your computer;
  • (2) click on the following link OptOut to manage permissions for the use of cookies by our clients using our domain If you do not follow the procedures as above, we will consider that you have given your consent to the registration of such cookies and to the access to the information contained in them.


Eulerian Technologies undertakes to follow the P3P charter (“Platform for Privacy Preferences”) which is the standard recommended by W3C and managed by the vast majority of browsers.


If you would like more information about the charter for the platform for privacy preferences followed by Eulerian Technologies, Contact us by email:


We reserve the right to amend the content of our data protection charter at any time, in particular with regard to adapting to the changes of our products and services and legislative developments. We invite you to view the document in force at the time you connect to our services.