A single, unified platform.

All your customer journeys at a glance! Link your digital campaigns to conversions on your website, mobile applications, or your in-store conversions!

Don't wait any longer to adjust your campaigns.

Be reactive! Get real-time reports and a top-down view of your performance. Follow your ROI in real time and act quickly in case of problems with your campaigns.

Find your ideal attribution model.

Apply single-touch or multi-touch attribution views tailored to your digital strategy. Improve your attribution models and leave last click and first click behind you. Add scenarios to your models to value the best performing marketing channels more accurately in real time.

Standard Attribution

Make clear decisions.

Enjoy the benefits of very fine-grained top-down analytics. Identify the performances of every click and impression at the finest level: channel, media partner, campaign, banner, or keyword.

Save time through automation.

Are you still painstakingly collecting expenditures from your different media platforms for your analyses? Forget repetitive and monotonous tasks and synchronize your media budgets easily with our integrated connectors.

Discover our Attribution features.