Eulerian is now a Meta Business Partner

Meta Business Partner

Our Augmented Analytics Platform, addressed to Marketing, Acquisition & loyalty, E-commerce, and Business Intelligence teams, allows advertisers to optimize media investments and highlight new business opportunities.

Its real-time technology, based on a premium data collection, unifies customer journeys by reconciling all marketing interactions a user has with a brand. The platform integrates attribution, analytics, and segmentation modules and is powered by AI, so customers can leverage the full potential of their data and make the best marketing decisions!

Marketers are continuously challenged to enhance the return of investment of their actions. They need to have a clear view of the contribution of each channel to drive their digital strategy in the right direction.  Thanks to our new partnership with Meta*, we believe advertisers will have better visibility of Meta interactions in conversion paths, and will enable them to more easily measure the impact of their social campaigns.

*Meta’s MTA program provides partners with cohort-level ad metrics data, known as ‘user-sets’.

What are the benefits for advertisers?

  • Simply visualize your Meta campaigns’ impact on your global marketing performance.

Benefit from a 1st party collection empowered by Meta data to get a more accurate view of your Meta campaigns’ interactions. Gain better visibility into your Meta campaigns contribution and base your decisions on reliable data.

  • Easily prove the relevance of your Meta ad spend.

Measure more clearly the influence of Meta campaigns on your conversions.  Prove how Meta impacts your business outcomes.

  • Customize your attribution.

Perform advanced Multi-touch Attribution (MTA)  analysis based on data-driven algorithms. Attribute a weight to Meta in the MTA model of your choice.

  • Optimize your online campaigns.

Better understand the role of Meta interactions in your media mix. Identify more clearly the  opportunity for better execution of Meta campaigns with other marketing channels. Take advantage of your new insights to make the right marketing decision for you and boost your performance.

How does it work ?

A quick setup to start Meta interactions into your Eulerian platform:

  1. Link your Business Manager account and configure the connection.
  2. Activate the «Add Meta MTA » button directly in Eulerian Customer Journey & MTA reports.
  3. Measure Meta campaigns’ impact at different levels of the customer journey (quotes/sales/engagement profile).
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