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L’IA pour débuter en attribution

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It is now possible to use AI in your attribution

In a cookie less context where the industry has to innovate, solutions offered by market publishers in the next months will involve the use of algorithms (artificial intelligence, AI). They will allow marketing team to better respond to various uses cases. AI will especially help marketers in their marketing attribution by highlighting specific marketing touchs.  However, these new solutions are not a guarantee that an attribution project will be a faster success or an effortless project.

The Multi-Touch Attribution as an example:

Take MTA back 4 or 5 years ago, the algorithmic approach was not considered as an immediate necessary solution to your marketing budget optimization. Once the budget was spread amongst several marketing channels, many marketers were stuck at this step and were not able to take actions. How frustrating it must have been for them. They hoped MTA to be the ideal solution and that it would help them find the right investments on each marketing channel!

This type of disappointment does not only concern MTA. Many other new technologies lead to disillusionment after a high level of expectations. Does this mean that new technology is useless or unsuitable? Or that marketing teams did not known how to take advantage of it? The truth lies probably somewhere in between: a technology that need to be fine-tuned and marketing teams that still need to advance in their attribution project. 

Today, Multi-Touch Attribution is experiencing a second life in more mature organizations.

IA & Maturity

Marketers cannot valorize precisely a touch and its real role in the customer journey. In a cookie less context, algorithms will play a central role to measure the impact of a marketing touch. KPIs issued from theses algorithms will be valuable. As seen with the multi-touch Attribution example (see above), they require a certain attribution level of maturity in order to be interpreted correctly and converted into strategic actions (that is why we have created an Attribution Adoption Framework).

Contrary to certain preconceived ideas, the algorithms are for marketing teams with an advanced level in attribution. YES to include AI in attribution, but when should you do so? All we know for certain is that it should not be included from the start. In this context, we may wonder/ can ask another question: Which AI should we start in attribution? Because if the algorithms until now were aimed at mature teams, other forms could be usable for the early steps of an attribution project.

IA & Maturity

Lack of time, lack of resources, lack of experience. Here are the 3 reasons that make hard to start or move forward in attribution for some brands. The “Next Best Action” technology represents a new alternative to integrate AI in its attribution from the start of its project, in order to find quickly insights on its campaigns and pass the 1st steps in attribution.

It is possible to include AI in your attribution, read the following article: Next best action, towards an augmented attribution.

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