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Meta Business Partner

Eulerian is now a Meta Business Partner

Our Augmented Analytics Platform, addressed to Marketing, Acquisition & loyalty, E-commerce, and Business Intelligence teams, allows advertisers to optimize media investments and highlight new business opportunities.

vers une attribution augmentée

Next best action, toward an augmented attribution

What is the next relevant action to make in order to optimize my media mix? How can I invest or save money on my marketing campaigns? Despite the level of sophistication of attribution solutions, marketing teams continue to question about these themes. Who can help them figure it out these issues?

L’IA pour débuter en attribution

AI to start in attribution, it is possible

In a cookie less context where the industry has to innovate, solutions offered by market publishers in the next months will involve the use of algorithms (artificial intelligence, AI). They will allow marketing team to better respond to various uses cases.

First-party collection

Learn how first-party cookie collection allows you to optimize you marketing strategy in today’s climate of suspicion (e.g. Safari’s ITP, Adblockers).